Cannabis Labour Services

Helping you get back to your roots

Cannabis Labour Services

Getting you back to your roots
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We dare to develop the future of cannabis labour.  At Local Solutions we offer an experienced cannabis workforce to aid in your operations and expedite your output. Local Solutions contracts out quality labour to small and large Health Canada Licensed Producers for an array of laborious tasks. We allow Licensed Producers to focus on their core processes and worry less about the responsibilities and overhead of fulltime personnel.

Qualified Professionals to Get the job done right

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Qualified Specialists

Industry leading professionals who have experience, knowledge, and training, to bring your product to the highest standard.

Performance Metrics

We pride ourselves on deadline accuracy and expedited turnaround while providing top quality services. Local Solutions tracks the data and performance within our organization's actions, production, and overall quality to provide our clients transparency and traceability.

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professionals who strive for best in quality services

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Employment & Financing Solutions

To aid in all stages of your grow operation and production. We use industry leading professionals who have the experience and knowledge to get your product finished to the highest standard.


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If you are seeking aid within your cannabis operations, drop us a line. We are happy to answer all of your questions!

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